Thoughts  on  the  Mountain 

4 of Wands — Community Celebration

Four staves with strung garlands appear before a group of celebrants with a castle in the background.

Traditional Interpretation

A process of becoming harmoniously integrated into one's community or extended family.

What it Means to Me

It could be a wedding, but more broadly I see a community celebrating itself. The holding of bouquets or wreaths above the heads of the two figures in the center of the staves implies a victory or achievement of some kind. The other people off to the left imply a group that is celebrating along with the two guests of honor. It's not clear who the celebrants are or what the occasion is, but the feeling of joy and success seem clear. The fact that the staves and garlands represent a gateway symbolize a matriculation of some kind.

Place in my Journey

The feeling of this card resonates with how I felt coming off the road and back into community, both on a singular level with Jules and on a larger level with a community in Seattle. I was leaving one kind of life and entering another.