Thoughts  on  the  Mountain 

The Hanged Man — That Which Holds Us Back

A man hangs upside down from a tree, yet he appears calm and serene, even angelic.

Traditional Interpretation

One who is in a state of temporary inaction for the purpose of gaining insight or perspective.

What it Means to Me

The Hanged Man is clearly 'strung up', but yet he appears to be happy and content. It's as if he is either complicit, or at least acquiescent, to his current situation. This implies that he sees value in what he's doing, even though it has taken away his independence and mobility for the time being.

Place in my Journey

I use this image to represent the year that spent living and working at home after my first year at college in 1984. I put myself into self-imposed hiatus from school so that I could gain perspective on what I was doing with my life and what I wanted to do with the investment that I was making in college. It was not fun in many ways, but it was what I chose to do and I knew that it was the most valuable thing I could do in the long run.