Thoughts  on  the  Mountain 

Reflections on the Archetypal Journey

The Tarot Deck is a collection of archetypal images. During the developmental phase of my life I was keenly aware of the archetypal energies I was encountering. I found that contemplating a picture that illustrated a particular energy made it much easier to identify that energy's influence, feel my connection to it, and consciously integrate that energy into my life.

As I was working through the pages in the Journey section of this site I noticed that many of the pages focused around a single theme. I also noticed the alignment of those themes with the archetypes illustrated in the Tarot deck, so I included the cards as a visual representation of what was going on. I further noticed how all those isolated experiences combined together to form a larger program of learning toward the goal of incorporating all these energies within my self and my life.

The images remind me of a time and place in my life. Times and places in my life remind me of the images. Linking them together allows the two processes to work together.