If you study the logistics and heuristics of the mystics,
        You will find that their minds rarely move in a line,
So, it's much more realistic to abandon such ballistics,
        And resign to be trapped on a leaf in a vine ...
— Brian Eno, 'Backwater', 1977

Finding my Place in the Vine

This site is the byproduct 50 years of breath, 40 years of thought, 30 years of motion, and 20 years of reflection.

From a young age I have had an incomprehensible need to capture my experience in writing. The original goal was simply to understand what was going on around me, but it has evolved into a desire to understand the larger processes that all of us go through between cradle and grave.

I've collected a fair bit over the years. There is something deeply satisfying to me to have all these scraps gathered and organized in a single place. I'm not sure they will be of real value to anyone else, but that's not for me to decide.