If you plant ice you're gonna harvest wind ...
— The Grateful Dead, 'Franklin's Tower', 1975

Solidifying my Intentions

There are several operating principles that have emerged through the writing and editing of this material:

Tell MY story
While there are many people who play major and minor roles, I cannot speak for them. I can only speak for myself. The goal is to tell my story alone.
Do No Damage
Though the spirit of what happened is unchanged, some names have been altered or omitted. Some events have been left out or edited. In telling my story I do not have the right to harm anyone else through sharing parts of their story that they might rather keep to themselves.
Own My Choices
The course of my life is the result of my choices. While external events have often dictated opportunities, what I have done with them is ultimately my own responsibility. I chose to become who I have become through the choices I made along the way.
Own My Bias
What I recall is not necessarily exactly how things happened — it is how I experienced them. In honoring my own experience I must make room for others to see these events differently.
Find The Meaning
This account is intended to be more than a travelogue. I choose to write about things that have deeper meaning for me. If I get to the end of the story, but cannot find anything lasting within it, I leave it out.
Continuously Iterate
What is here today is not the final word or finished product. This site has been under constant revision for a couple of decades now, and for the foreseeable future that will continue..