Memories of Growing Up in New Jersey

A collection of memories from my childhood in suburban New Jersey:

Waking Up — Realizing that I was alive and separate from my environment

Estaugh Avenue — Where I spent the first years of my life in the late 1960's

The Playground — Remembering the day I completely lost myself in time

Mountwell — The woods at the end of my street in Haddonfield

Road Dreams — Dreaming of travel while growing up in Haddonfield, NJ

Journaling — Realizing the value of re-reading what I'd written

The Orchard — Working at a apple and peach orchard in high school

Less is More — Sometimes the best thing is to stop trying so hard

EdSamm's — Working at a machine shop in high school

College — How I went about deciding where I would go to college

Westbound — Pondering on my deep desire to travel

Time Traveler's Reverie

The world into which we were born feels so solid and permanent when we are young, but then we look back we can see that it was deteriorating before our eyes. We all carry inside us a world that only exist in memory; people, places, and things are all decayed and passed away.

These are the memories of my childhood that have withstood the flood between then and now. Like a time traveller projected into the future, these islands of memory exist only in my mind.