Please don't dominate the rap, Jack,
If you've got nothin' new to say ...
— The Grateful Dead, 'New Speedway Boogie', 1970

A Collection of Reflections

I have noticed that small differences are usually easy to see, and as a society we seem to spend an inordinate amount of time dissecting the minute differences between people, feelings, and ideas.

What's much more difficult is taking on the big issues — usually because they are so large that they are difficult to get your head around.

Macroscopic Evaluation

Microscopic means that something is so small that you cannot see it. Macroscopic refers to things that are so large that you can't see them. At first, this sounds like an oxymoron, but I have found it to be a very useful concept. There are some things that are difficult to understand precisely because you have seen them all your life and have no experience with anything else.

The Value of the Personal

The thoughts contained here are opinions. I focus on personal truth because I have not lived in enough shoes and through enough centuries to claim full knowledge of Universal Truth. I feel like I've glimpsed it though, and I have come far enough to share what little I've gotten.

There are natural links between this section and The Journey. The seed of this group of thoughts came from sidebar explanations during the writing of The Journey which took on a life of their own, but which seemed to distract from the flow of the story. Here they can live and grow unencumbered.

My goal is not to convince anyone of anything — just make sense of things for myself.