You do not have to be the best at what you do.
It is better to be doing what others are not.
— Thomas Jefferson, American Statesman (1743 – 1846)

What I Do

My resumé is very diverse — at least that's what I often hear. The comment is generally something like:

"You have done so many things that I'm not sure where you would fit into our organization".

While it is true that I have worked in a varied set of roles and in a number of different environments, from my perspective these roles are all aspects of the same core practice:

I don't specialize in a single discipline — I specialize in being the bridge between disciplines.

Bridge Building

Working effectively within an organization is all about integrating diverse elements (organizations and partners, leadership and frontline, business and technology, growth and stability) and aligning them toward a common goal. Both in my life and in my work, I've found that the path to success was built on the process of bringing diverse elements together into a functioning whole.