The things we fear most in organizations
        — fluctuations, distubances, imbalances —
                are the primary sources of creativity.
— Margaret Wheatley, American Organizational Author, (1944)

What I've Learned Working with Organizations

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Though there is an endless variation to working with groups of people, there are commonalities that have proved themselves to me over time:

Organizations are More Than the Sum of Their Parts

Effectively directing a group of people from different backgrounds toward a common goal requires one set of skills to manage the individual relationships and another set to manage the collective.

Process is Great — in Small Quantities

In situations where there is a lack of clearly defined process the thoughtful addition of a small amount can bring great results — but 'too much of a good thing' can quickly inhibit performance.

Mosh Pit, Square Dance, or Something In Between

When a large group of people try to move together they will either adopt or invent 'rules of engagement'. It's leadership's job to call the right dance to fit the music, dancers, and occasion.

The Creator of the Picture Controls Perception

If you are the person that frames up a problem/scenario/situation, then you are also the person that controls how people see it. This can give you great leverage in driving a solution.

Make Your Priorities Clear to All

It's easy to be overwhelmed by everything that you cannot accomplish. Focus instead on what you can and make sure your priorities are clear to all — this will make your value self-evident.