A bus come by and I got on — that's when it all began ...
— The Grateful Dead, 'The Other One', 1969

The Green Tortoise

I'd heard about The Green Tortoise from a friend at the University of New Hampshire who sometimes drove for them. I'd also heard that they went from Berkeley, California (where I was stuck), to Eugene, Oregon (where I had friends waiting for me). Looking for cheap transportation I made a reservation on the bus the next evening.

Catching the Bus

Over the phone I was told to be at a certain street corner in Berkeley at a certain time the following evening, and at the appointed hour I was sitting next to the Berkeley Co-op with my backpack. After about half an hour I started thinking that maybe I got the information wrong (or that maybe there really wasn't a magical bus company) when an old city transit bus pulled around the corner and rolled to a stop. It had 'Green Tortoise' painted roughly on the side. I couple of middle-aged hippies stepped out of the bus, took my bag and my fare and said we'd be leaving shortly. A few more people showed up, we got on board, and headed north.