2 of Cups — Committment to Another

A man and woman stand together beneath a Caduceus each holding a cup, which they appear to be offering to each other.

Traditional Interpretation

A deeply committed, communicative relationship.

What it Means to Me

The image of this couple clearly speaks of a commitment along the lines of marriage. It's hard to see anything else where the cup is featured so prominently. The usage of the Caduceus symbol (where two snakes wrap around the staff) in ancient Greek and Roman times represented commerce, trades, communication, and negotiation. (The association with medicine is actually a mistaken one as the Rod of Asclepius, which is what is supposed to be depicted has only one snake.)

Place in my Journey

I spent a lot of time and energy pursuing a quest for freedom, both in terms of freedom to travel and freedom from commitments. Having fully explored that I was eager to settle down and commit to a partnerships with another person. This image is a very good illustration of what I was looking for from settling down with Jules in Seattle. It speaks to a commitment to a person, a place, and a relationship.