7 of Wands — Fighting Unseen Enemies

A man stands on a hilltop with a stave in his hand while fighting multiple staves coming from below.

Traditional Interpretation

One who is being accosted from unseen enemies below and must fight to hold his position.

What it Means to Me

The figure on the hill is clearly defending himself from an attack from below, but from whom? Nothing of the attackers can be seen, other than the staves. This implies that they are not necessarily people. Having the attack from below suggests that it is from within. Curiously, the man has two different shoes on. This implies that he is not 'sure of his footing' in a metaphorical sense, which also contributes to the idea that the reason he has conflict is because of something about him more than something about others.

Place in my Journey

The image of fighting unseen enemies from within speaks directly to how I felt the fall after moving back to New Hampshire; I was fighting a discord that I could not see, but which I could not escape. I needed to get on firm footing to be able to address these forces. That started with figuring out what they were.