Page of Cups — Learning The Way of The Heart

A young man stands near the sea holding a cup from which a fish is emerging. He seems pleased to see it.

Traditional Interpretation

A young, creative, and sensitive person who brings a positive message of love.

What it Means to Me

The Page in any suit signifies a beginner. In this case we see a novice learning the ways of the emotions — particularly around relationships. The most curious element of the image is the fish emerging from the cup, which traditionally represents the subconscious. The fish is connected to the large body of water in the background of the image. The cup is the means through which the Page is connecting to that which is larger. In the idea of the Page learning about relationships there is also the notion that through 'meeting the world' he is also 'meeting himself'.

Place in my Journey

When I first went to college in 1983 I very consciously wanted to learn new and different ways to meet and relate to those around me. Since this was a conscious choice I saw myself as very much the novice learning a new practice from the beginning.