The Hermit — That Which Helps Us Through

An old, cloaked man stands atop a mountain and holds a lantern aloft to illuminate someone or something unseen below.

Traditional Interpretation

A person or force that guides the way to deeper knowledge or understanding.

What it Means to Me

The Hermit represents a guide. It could come in the form of a person, a group, or an idea. It is exactly what we need at the time, though it often does not appear that way at first glance. It has the ability to illuminate the trail ahead of us and help us navigate the road that we are on.

Place in my Journey

During my first winter in Portsmouth in 1986 I set out on an inward quest. I didn't know what I was looking for, how to go about it, or what the ultimate goal was. I was climbing blind. During that process I seemed to encounter people, ideas, insights when I needed them and I always found a way forward.