Page of Swords — Learning The Way of The Mind

A young man stands on a windy plain with a sword held upward, looking for something or someone to engage.

Traditional Interpretation

A state of mental clarity and concentration looking for a focal point.

What it Means to Me

The Page in any suit signifies a beginner. In this case he is the beginner in his mind. The Swords represent the world of thought and ideas. The Page is holding his sword at the ready, but there are no enemies in the picture. He is also inexperienced with the sword, so he is only practicing at this point, trying to learn how to handle the sword.

This image to me invokes a quest for knowledge and understanding. The whole notion of 'doing battle with ideas' is bound into it as well. The student that wants true understanding must be prepared to be challenged by the ideas they encounter. If they are going to gain real understanding then they must have the discipline to use the sword to cut away what is not useful or true to get at that which is.

Place in my Journey

The quest for understanding seems like a most appropriate image for setting out on a serious course of study. For me entering college was just such a time. I wanted to learn and I wanted to gain proficiency in applying my mind like a sword to cut through to the heart of the matter.