Page of Wands — Learning The Way of The Body

A young man stands on a flat, sandy plain, contemplating the staff he is holding.

Traditional Interpretation

Someone taking on a new role that is a little bigger than he or she is ready for.

What it Means to Me

The Page in any suit signifies a beginner. In this case he is the beginner in manifesting something new. The suit of Wands is about action and making something happen. It's as if The Page has just found the Wand and is not sure what to do with it, but he's going to figure something out. There's a sense of discovery here, partly because he appears so interested and partly because he appears to be in a place devoid of growing things. It's also interesting that the Wand is a bit taller than he is, suggesting that he's not quite "up to the task", but still willing to give it a go.

Place in my Journey


Perhaps it is the similarity with The Wand in the Page's hand to the way in which a novice rower first contemplates an oar, but this image aligns with my experience with Crew. Making something happen and taking on a new challenge that is taller than yourself both fit in very well with this experience. Certainly the sense of being a novice did, since you were actually called that and were very conscious that you still had a lot to learn each time you went out on the water.