6 of Wands — Triumphant Entry

A man bearing a stave decorated with garlands rides a white horse in a procession.

Traditional Interpretation

A hero's welcome, a celebration of success, and ability to move forward.

What it Means to Me

The figure on horseback is being honored, as shown by the wreath on his stave as well as the white horse on which he's riding. I can't help feeling that all is not well though; the figure faces away from the viewer, which implies something hidden. I get the sense that the figure is watching something else that has yet to happen, or which he is uncertain about. The events are not finished unfolding. The other figures appear to be watching, but I don't get the sense that they are celebrating as much as interested in how events will unfold as well.

Place in my Journey

Returning to New Hampshire after being home for a year felt like a triumphant return. I had gone away to try to accomplish something and I thought that had done just that. I was eager to get myself back on track. There was more to come, though it could not be seen from where the figure sits at this moment.