Page of Pentacles — Learning The Way of The Soul

A young man stands in a field before a mountain, holding aloft a Pentacle.

Traditional Interpretation

One who is starting a new pursuit, but still has much to learn.

What it Means to Me

The Page in any suit signifies a beginner. In this case he is a beginner at manifesting what he wants to create in the world. Pentacles traditionally signifies manifestation, so in this case the figure is contemplating a single realized thing. The fact that he is standing in a lush green field implies that he is in an environment that will supply him with the materials he needs, but he needs to figure out how to turn that into what he wants it to be.

Place in my Journey

There is an alchemical association with the Pentacles for me. The symbol of the pentagram appearing in astrological, mathematical, and philosophical disciplines symbolizing many different things, but all of them centered on the balanced union of the natural world. In my life this was about finding people and ideas that balanced those that I already had. In both high school and college I discovered that spending time with diverse people who thought differently that I did expanded my thoughts and my outlook on life. I learned to seek out these people as their presence in my life pushed me to expand my view of people and what's possible in life.