The Sun — The Birth of Wonder

A happy child with a wreath of flowers and arms outstretched rides a white horse beneath a large sun.

Traditional Interpretation

The Sun represents a state of joy, happiness and success. The happy child represents a person who is in a very positive place.

What it Means to Me

Were the child real it would most likely fall off the horse, so this image is clearly symbolic. The image projects purity and innocence (the naked child) a state of union with the world (riding a white horse) receiving abundance from the world (flowers behind him/her) and benevolence from the heavens (the warm sun smiling down). This image represents a state of childlike grace.

Place in my Journey

I use this image to illustrate the feeling of the Summer of 1986 in Portsmouth. I had come through a dark winter that was full of deep emotional digging through my inner baggage. The season that followed was correspondingly light and joyful as I re-entered the world with a lighter load and greater appreciation for life. The pure, joyful innocence of the time matches the feeling of the image.