2 of Wands — Looking Beyond Current Riches

A man stands on a high wall holding a staff in one hand and a globe in the other. He is looking off into the distance over water.

Traditional Interpretation

One who is about to leave one place to pursue vision of a far off destination.

What it Means to Me

The man is clearly a rich man, who literally 'has the world in his hands', while standing in fine clothes on the parapet of a massive house. The picture implies that it is his own. Yet with all this wealth he is looking off into the distance, which makes me very curious what could have his attention.

Place in my Journey

This image reminds me of trying to make the decision whether or not to leave Portsmouth. I had an abundance of riches where I was (the staff on the wall, the house, the clothes) but there was something that called me a way (the staff in the other hand and the globe). The fact that he's holding a globe in his hand makes me think he wants to travel, which makes him very much like me — willing to give up what I had in Portsmouth for the dream of traveling the world.

He has the materials, but now he needs to decide where to manifest his life. It looks like he's already made his decision.