4 of Cups — Choosing What's Not in Front of You

A man sits under a tree facing three cups before him, while a fourth is offered magically from sky.

Traditional Interpretation

One who is dissatisfied with his current lot, but not aware of all options on offer.

What it Means to Me

The figure in the image is clearly dissatisfied with the three options (cups) before him. He does not seem to notice the 4th cup yet, which implies that the image is of the moment that it appears. He has not yet recognized it for what it is: the solution that he is seeking. The fact that the solution is being offered out of thin air implies that it is either divinely offered, or springing from natural forces beyond what the man possess on his own.

Place in my Journey

Occasionally you feel 'led' to do something. The leadings often go against prevailing wisdom, but still feel like the right thing for you. I felt this way about my deicing to take a year off from college. There were many people who told me I was crazy, and I couldn't give a clear account of exactly what I expected to accomplish. I just knew that it was what I needed to do. I had come to trust the inspirations that spring out of nowhere, and so I followed it.